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What to know when choosing carpet

We all know about the beauty of carpet flooring. Thanks to technology, the color palettes have expanded and digital patterning makes the patterns more vibrant than ever.

With so many colors, styles, constructions, and price points, there's virtually something for everyone, but a lot to learn!

WCW Carpet Warehouse who, for over 30 years, has been the premier full-service flooring warehouse in Vermont and adjacent states, carries a full product line for both residential and commercial use.

We're the "go-to" place when it comes to shopping for carpet in Bennington, Vt, and we can help with any questions you may have. Let’s dive into them!

Carpet terms to know

  • Carpet fibers - The five main ones are completely natural wool. There are synthetics like nylon, polyester, olefin, and triexta. Know their characteristics and don't assume one is better than the other. It comes down to your needs and style. Be sure to tell the retailer about any extra durability or stain resistance issues, etc.

  • Carpet padding - Padding protects the carpet and gives that "springy" feeling. They come in different thicknesses and the wrong padding can harm some carpet floors. Don’t accept whatever is thrown into the bag; ask the flooring pro about the right padding for you.

  • Carpet pile - Pile just refers to how the fibers are looped. High pile carpets, like the shag or frieze, have long, loose fibers. They are very plush, soft, and fluffy. Low pile rugs, such as Berbers and any cut and loops, have short, tightly woven ones. These are easier to clean. Saxony falls in the middle.

Determining quality and applications

It’s not about weight; in fact, a rug can be too heavy for some types of installations. Look for density; that is, how closely the fibers are tufted together. Bend back a sample card; if you see a lot of white space, ask why.

Every room and area has its priorities and challenges. What may be good for one room may not work for another. For example, you will need a rug that will wrap around stair railings and banisters with enough foundation for the foot so people don't fall.

To learn more about carpet, visit the WCW Carpet Warehouse showroom in Bennington, VT. We serve Bennington, West Dover, Manchester, Dorset, Bondville, as well as Williamstown, MA.

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